Story in English

My name is Lucien


Lucien-Shuntaro Yanagi
Chieko -Hako Oshima
Mikiya-Gitan Otsuru
Eiji-Shoji Sadaoka
Religionist Leader-Hiroyuki Shoji
Nagakubo- Takaki Uda

Uk Stuff Make-up artist Claire williams Production Manager Fred Woodcock
Cinematographer/DP Gavin Fry 2nd Unit Dir of Photography Geoff Smith
Producer/Executive producer Tony Humphreys
・This movie “My name is Lucien” was inspired by an actual incident.
Akane, a lonely and emotionally anxious teenager looks for love online.
She finds Lucien, a serial killer, who entices her into a suicide pact, which is the way
he "helps" young women die. As she discovers the truth, her heart wanders between
"love" and "life and death."
Cica Oyama is a photographer and film maker. This film combines her interest in
fragile people, on the edge of society, and her love of the avant-garde.
The complex characters she creates and the film’s artistic visual style and metaphor,
deliver a journey into a mysterious but frighteningly real parallel world.